Strong and Durable Concrete Slabs
Moisture trapped below concrete slabs is an often-overlooked source of long-term problems. This moisture can come from groundwater, as well as dampness generated from the concrete itself. When the slab becomes warmer than the ground below it, capillary action draws moisture through the slab and into the building interior.

Building science veterans recommend an effective solution: provide a capillary break so moisture is unable to pass through the slab. This takes the form of a polyolefin underslab vapor retarder installed directly under the concrete slab, which intercepts and blocks moisture vapor before it can penetrate the slab.

The Fortifiber Building Systems group offers a complete line of underslab vapor retarders that meet or exceed ASTM E-1745 Standards. Vapor retarders can be specified for both residential and commercial applications.

In addition to protecting your slab from below, we have a full line of concrete curing blankets to help protect your slab from above. By facilitating uniform wet curing, increased strength can be achieved with little additional cost.

Requirement Moisture Protection ASTM E-154, Section 7 Dry Tensile Strength ASTM D-882
MD    CD
Puncture Resistance ASTM D-1709 (Method B)
Moistop Ultra® 15 .01 perms 80 78 4,900 Grams
Moistop Ultra® 10 .02 perms 61 58 3,800 Grams
Moistop Ultra® 6 .04 perms 32 32 2,100 Grams

* ASTM D-828