Critical Tool in Moisture Protection
The primary cause of moisture damage in a commercial or residential building is water intrusion through windows, doors and other exterior penetrations. Water intrusion is far and away the biggest reason for warranty callbacks and customer dissatisfaction in new home construction.

Flashing - properly installed and integrated with a weather-resistive barrier - is one of the most important factors in the successful performance of exterior walls.

Flexible flashing products developed by the Fortifiber Building Systems Group have set the industry standard for materials that effectively protect windows, doors and other areas of penetration from water intrusion into wall systems. They form an integral element in our complete Moisture Control System for walls.

Regardless of climate and jobsite conditions - or whether building codes call for flashing to be attached mechanically or with the use of self-adhesive - we have high-performance flashing products that meet these requirements.

Requirement (Protection Against Water Intrusion)
ASTM D-779
Vapor Permeability ASTM F-1249 / ASTM E-96 Dry Tensile Strength
MD       CD
Moistop E-Z Seal® 150-Hours Less than .1 perms 301 351
FortiFlash® (25mil) 200-Hours Less than .08 perms 201 291
FortiFlash® (40mil) 200-Hours Less than .05 perms 712 422
FortiFlash® Butyl (20 mil) 200-Hours Less than .1 perms 304 304
FortiFlash® Butyl (30 mil) 200-Hours Less than .1 perms 924 854
FortiFlash® Commercial 200-Hours Less than .05 perms 712 422
FortiFlex® 80-Hours Less than .009 perms 365 235
Moistop neXT® 150-Hours Less than .05 perms 353 273
Moistop PF® 130-Hours Less than .028 perms 1073 763

1 ASTM D-412 2 ASTM D-828 3 ASTM D-882 4 AAMA 711-07 5 ASTM D-1970