Assures High Quality Finished Floors

Experienced flooring contractors know that using the right materials during installation will have a major impact on flooring durability and longevity, as well as on customer satisfaction. The proper installation of flooring systems and their protection during construction can prevent costly callbacks due to scratching, warping and moisture damage.

We offer a complete line of products designed for the installation and protection of flooring systems.

  Aquabar® "B" FortiFlash® for Floors HWD-15® Scribe Rite® Black Scribe Rite® White
Application Under wood flooring, acts as a semi-permeable vapor retarder

Under ceramic tile, acts as a moisture and vapor retarder
Installed over concrete slabs

Protects wood panel sub floors
Wood flooring underlayment Resilient flooring pattern scribing paper Resilient flooring pattern scribing paper
Key Features Two layers of kraft paper

Asphalt laminated 30/30/30 paper

High level of water resistance

Perm rating <1

Highly pliable material

Light weight roll

Class I Vapor Retarder

Perm rating < 0.05 perms

Water resistant

No mold growth

Self adhering

10 year warranty

Lessens moisture migration

Smoother surface than felt

Thinner than felt

Covers residual dirt on sub floors

Asphalt does not rub off

Acts as a cushioning layer

Allows pattern to be scribed onto paper with a scribing tool

Handles and cuts easily


Allows pattern to be scribed onto paper with pen or pencil

White product

Cuts easily


Benefits Wood - slows vapor transfer to protect flooring

Wood - layout lines are easier to see than with asphalt saturated products

Tile & wood - cleaner, lighter and easier handling than felt

Tile & wood - meets vapor retarder requirements of the 2006 IRC

Tile -reduces moisture migration into the wall cavity

Tile - allows mortar bed to dry up, not down into the substrate

Controls concrete moisture emissions

Reduces or eliminates the need for concrete subfloor preparation

Easy roll out application

Fast, no drying time required

Protects floating or mechanically attached wood sub floors

The elastomeric membrance provides some self-sealing properties around subfloor fasteners

Reduces the potential for cracking, cupping and warping

Smoother - easier positioning of plank & strip flooring

Reduces edge lap ridges in installation

Cleaner installation

Reduces jobsite cleanup

Cushioning agent - reduces minor noises and squeaks

More accurate scribe line for cutting pattern

Little or no asphalt rub off

Clean smooth cut edge

Protects product during shipping, storage and future use

Easier to see scribe line for cutting pattern

Cleaner handling

Clean smooth edge

Protects product during shipping, storage and future use