"All 60 Minute Building Papers Are Not Created Equal"

Water Resistance of Super Jumbo Tex® 60 Minute Paper vs. Other 60 Minute Papers

One of the industry's most widely used weather-resistive barriers is Grade D building paper. The Fortifiber Building Systems Group's product, marketed under the Jumbo Tex brand, is the industry's most popular saturated kraft Grade D building paper and has been serving the market since the early 1960's.

In the early 1980's Fortifiber established a new benchmark in water resistance by unveiling the industry's first 60 Minute Grade D building paper, called Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute. The 60 Minute classification refers to the water resistance of the product as measured against the closed version of the ASTM D-779 Water Resistance Test. When released, it was the first of its kind. Today 60 Minute Grade D building paper has become an industry norm, and a number of manufacturers offer these products.

Assuring Product Quality & Consistency

Manufacturing Grade D building paper that delivers consistent product performance requires a high level of manufacturing expertise and process management - as well as careful attention in purchasing quality raw materials.

At Fortifiber, quality manufacturing starts with a quality product design - one that meets the stringent requirements of the ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials) building material approval process. This process requires the manufacturer to establish that the product meets building code requirements, and that there are adequate quality control systems in place to ensure that the standard production product will not change from the product sample being submitted for approval. Finally, and most importantly, it mandates that a manufacturer test its product to assure its conformance to its published specification.

In order to gauge how competitive products match up in the 60 Minute category, Fortifiber hired an independent third party testing lab to conduct the ASTM D-779 Water Resistance (Closed Test) on 60 Minute Grade D building paper samples from a number of manufacturers, including Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute.

These tests confirmed the quality of Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute samples as the water resistance was more than 30% above the product's rated water resistance capacity. The results of the competitive products, however, were startling - none of the other products tested actually delivered the 60 minutes of water resistance their products claimed they were rated for. In fact, their performance ranged from 16% to 33% below their rated 60 minute water resistance capacity.

All of the test results are averages of multiple
samples from each manufacturer's products.
All testing was conducted in June 2004.


The Jumbo Tex product line has been used to protect over four million residential and commercial structures. Its time-tested performance has made it a favorite among building professionals over the years. We're so confident of our product we offer an express warranty that is unmatched in the industry*.

Our success has bred a number of low price imitators that offer asphalt-based products that compete with Jumbo Tex. However, as these test results indicate - just because they say that their product meets performance criteria established by the code bodies, doesn't mean that it actually does.

*Jumbo Tex carries a 10-Year Express Warranty, when installed according to Fortifiber's installation procedures and accepted industry standards in a properly designed wall system. In the event of a warranty claim, Fortifiber will pay the cost of materials and labor to correct problems caused solely by the failure of the warranted product. For more information visit www.fortifiber.com or call (800) 773-4777.