Fortifiber® Offers Window Installation Kit

Fortifiber Building Systems Group offers a Window Installation Kit for do-it-yourselfers and professionals.

The kit contains FortiFlash® Butyl flashing, Moistop® Sealant, 4-inch putty knife and a utility knife. There is enough material included to flash two 5' x3' windows or one 6' x 6'8" slider.

FortiFlash Butyl is a premium waterproof flashing that is compatible with EPDM and flexible vinyl. FortiFlash Butyl's proprietary compound delivers rock solid adhesion at temperatures well below where other self-adhesive flashing products won't stick — while maintaining its protective properties at temperatures in excess of 225°F.

Reinforced by a heavy duty multi-layer polyethylene facer, the product can be easily worked around protrusions and into tight corners without delaminating or tearing.

The Window Installation Kit can be ordered by calling (510) 581-3535. Cost is $29.95.